Saturday, May 30, 2020

A Season of Daffodils

Well, last year was a rather rough year for me, and this year has been rough for everyone with the coronavirus and everything going on.  I count my blessings, though, as my family is staying healthy and able to do work and school remotely.  With health issues in the family, we will be home for quite awhile, so we are very grateful for a yard - and, of course, a garden.

We had a really cool spring, so the daffodils were later to bloom, but they seemed to last forever.  Even the snow we got in the middle of APRIL(!) didn't seem to slow them down or hurt them at all.

Daffodils are among my favorites, and they were such a joy to see in the garden this spring.  There is just something so cheerful about them, and they really helped to lift my spirits.

Clockwise from top left: Narcissus 'Audubon', N. 'Bell Song', N. 'Acropolis', daffodils with Tulip clusiana 'Tubergen's Gem', N. 'Tahiti'

I was gone so much last spring helping my mom when she was ill, that there were a few varieties I had planted the fall of 2018 that I saw in bloom for the first time this year.

Narcissus 'Firebrand'
miniature daffodil 'Little Sunray'
There are a few varieties missing from the garden this year.  I'm not sure whether to blame bulb flies or the strange couple of winters we've had with cycles of rain and freezing instead of our normal snow cover.  But then again there are other varieties that have multiplied.

N. 'Thalia'
N. 'Hawera'
With the cold weather I find myself cutting and bringing daffodils inside more often.  I am enjoying having flowers in the house this year...

...especially the fragrant ones.  I smelled the flowers from this heirloom white variety before I even saw them.

Narcissus albus plenus odoratus
Now at the end of May, the temperatures are heating up, and daffodil season is winding down.  These are some of the last of them clipped from the garden.

Until next year.
Happy gardening!

Friday, August 30, 2019

Until We Meet Again

Rest in peace, Mom.
You were the best mom a girl could have, and you are so, so very missed.

Tuesday, July 2, 2019

Fire the Gardener?

During the winter I always come up with so many plans for the garden, and it is always right about now that I realize just how many of those didn't come to fruition due to the laziness of the gardener.  (I really should fire her...)  

Lonicera sempervirens 'Tangerine Princess'
I have a shoebox full of seeds not sown, and my deck is full of seedlings not planted.  A new garden section isn't dug, and the beds are not all nicely weeded and mulched (even though I promised myself that this year would be the year.)

Thankfully it is also easy to overlook all those faults.  This time of year the garden is usually bursting with blooms that far overshadow the weeds, and this summer is no exception.

Clockwise from top left:  hellstrip and front garden, Delphinium elatum 'Million Dollar Blue', Clematis 'Niobe', driveway garden, 'The Wedgwood' Climbing Rose
And there are some accomplishments this year to celebrate.  The overabundance of bulbs ordered in winter might have been planted on the late side of spring, but some are already in bloom, such as this Aztec Lily.

Sprekelia formosissima, aka Aztec Lily
And, thanks to my new gazebo garden that keeps out the deer, I am finally able to grow lilies.

Clockwise from left: Lilium martagon 'Pink Morning', Lilium pumilum, Lilium canadense
The gazebo garden is also full of poppies grown from seed this spring.

'Bridal Silk' Shirley Poppy
(Though when I say 'full' of poppies, I mean it, as not a whole lot of thinning happened....)

a rather full gazebo garden
I am am so excited to see my 'Princess Kate' Clematis in bloom for the first time this year.  I planted it two years ago, but transferred it to the gazebo garden last fall after it kept getting nibbled by rabbits.  When I bought it, there were conflicting reports about whether or not it would be hardy in my zone 6 garden.  Thankfully, if it made it through last winter with its lack of snow cover, it is most definitely hardy.  I love clematises, and this one is such a beauty.

Clockwise from top left: Clematis 'Roguchi', C. 'Lemon Bells, C. 'Princess Kate', C. 'Bees Jubilee' (I think)
There were a few plants lost from the winter, but more than enough in the garden have thrived and grown to make up for them.

Maybe I won't fire the gardener after all.

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