Saturday, August 6, 2011

about the Red House

The Red House was built in 2009.   It was built with color and character, but alas, no garden, unless you count a few shrubs and precisely one shade tree per city code thrown in by the building company.  This is the mission:  to add lushness and color throughout the yards of the Red House.  And hopefully not break the bank doing so...


We hadn't expected to leave our Red House, but a change in job and the opportunity to live near family led us to move to the Boston area in 2013.   We now live in zone 6a in our new not-so-red house, and I am learning all about New England gardening.

When I'm not digging rocks out of my new garden, you can find me puttering around in my new, little red greenhouse that helps extend the gardening season just a little bit up here.

As always, happy gardening!


  1. I *love* your Red House!!!! It's a clean slate to do as you wish. =)

  2. Thanks! :) I've been having fun!

  3. Lovely home! Have fun creating your oasis!

  4. what is the exact color of red on your house?

    paint brand and name ?

    1. The paint color of the house is Sherwin-Williams Roycroft Copper Red.

  5. What a fun and at the same time elegant color! House looks amazing!
    S.V. Salisbury,NC


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