Saturday, October 31, 2020

Summer, Fall...Winter?


Well, this has certainly been the craziest few months. Canceled plans and lots of staying at home did give me more time to work on the garden, especially at the beginning of summer.

Aren't June gardens beautiful?


This summer was quite hot and dry for New England. I spent a lot of time watering and watering... and taking photos!

This spring I started posting pictures of the garden on Instagram.  While I'm not on social media a lot anymore, I have been enjoying Instagram.  Posting pictures is quicker than blogging, and I love seeing other photos of gardens and plants!


Somehow life still seems busier than ever with everyone home all the time - lots of cooking and cleaning and trying to keep everyone organized.

With a serious health risk in the family, my husband is fortunate to work remotely, and the kids are in virtual school.  Thankfully, school has been going relatively well, and the kids have some really great teachers that have been working hard to make things go smoothly.


Unfortunately, with a family member with a possibly worsening health issue, the one thing that is daunting is dealing with such things in the middle of a pandemic.

Days of doctor's appointments and lab tests involve going in to Boston to the hospital - exactly where we were trying to not end up.  The doctors are trying to get everything done as quickly as possible as our COVID numbers in Massachusetts are increasing.


Other than the doctor visits, October in New England has been glorious.  Fall is my favorite time of year, and the changing of the leaves has been spectacular this year.

Well, until yesterday anyway...

A record for an October snowstorm here, of course.
Seems on par for 2020, right?

Happy gardening?

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