Sunday, July 29, 2018

In the Jungle

I feel like I've hardly been in the garden the past few weeks between traveling, visitors, and the weather.  June ended on a heat wave, with temperatures soaring up to 97°F (36°C) into early July.

While that might be normal temperatures down South, my body has now acclimated to the Northern winters and cooler temps.  Thankfully the highs have since dropped back down into the 80's, which is more normal for summer here. 

Daylily - possibly 'Frosted Vintage Ruffles'
Hopefully now that it is cooled down and I am done with my travels, I can finally give my neglected garden some attention.  It is turning into a overgrown jungle.

the front jungle, ah, I mean garden
My parents recently visited, and my dad joked that he should have brought a machete to help me get through my garden.

the overgrown greenhouse garden
I have my work cut out for me!  At least as I start the weeding and pruning, there are so many pretty blooms in the garden to enjoy.

Clockwise from top: Gardenia 'Frostproof', coneflowers, Calendula 'Snow Princess', Daylily 'Stephanie Returns', Lonicera sempervirens 'Tangerine Princess', bee on Salvia 
The garden is also full of birds, butterflies, bees, and an unfortunate number of baby bunnies.

a perching Hummingbird - arguably cuter than the bunnies?
I've started seeing Monarch butterflies almost every day here - a positive sign.

Monarch butterfly on milkweed
Well, wish me luck!  It's back to the weeding and pruning... and staking.

Happy gardening!

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