Saturday, April 27, 2019


I previously posted about the beautiful Bluebird pair who moved into the bluebird house and started building a nest immediately after I hung it in the front yard.  They industriously built their nest, which was enjoyable to watch, but then.... nothing.  There was no activity for several days, and the house seemed to be abandoned.  Did they move out, or were they quietly sitting on eggs in there?  I took a quick look inside.

a surprisingly empty nest
Confused, I asked someone who knew more about birds what had possibly happened.  Did they find a better place to nest?  I had seen a cowbird checking the nest out.  Did it scare them away?

I was relieved when the woman I talked to said to not lose hope yet.  Apparently bluebirds will sometimes make a nest and then go on a 'honeymoon' before laying eggs, waiting for there to be a better food supply outside.  Sure enough, a couple weeks later after the weather had gotten warmer and bugs started to fly around, the bluebirds were back!  A quick peek inside confirmed it.

Five little blue eggs!  I look forward to seeing babies before too long.

Happy spring!

Monday, April 1, 2019

Location, Location, Location

For the past two years, my bluebird house hung in the backyard in what was really a bad location, hole facing into the wind.  A couple of other less picky birds gave it a try, but no bluebirds.

I finally took it down and moved it to a post in my gazebo garden in the front yard.

A mere four hours later, the house was sold!

Real estate here really is all about location.

Happy spring!

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