Saturday, March 31, 2012

On Comforting a Yoshino Cherry Tree

What is the matter, little Yoshino Cherry tree?  Why so sad?  Your blooms are so pretty.

Oh, you are sad because you have so few flowers..

You want to be full of blooms like the big trees?

Do not worry.  One day, you too will bear branches full of blooms in the springtime.

You are still so young.  Was it only last year we called you our 'twig'? 

When we bought you, you were such a slender sapling, on sale for a pittance at the home and garden center, leaves riddled with a disease.

You have grown so much bigger and stronger already.

Give it a few more years.  Before you know it, you will be the spring star of the Red House Garden.

And other, younger trees will be looking up to you.

Wednesday, March 28, 2012


 "You should start a gardening blog," said Mr. Red House one day after I had been talking his ear off yet again about plants and such.  I laughed at the idea, as I knew absolutely nothing about blogging, but the more I thought about it, the more I liked it.   "It would have to be called the Red House Garden," I said, since we're known on my street as 'the people with the red house'.

And thus I joke that the inspiration for this blog is Mr. Red House getting tired of hearing about gardening!

Now it is the 100th post later, and I still find plenty to talk about, maybe because I still feel like a beginning gardener.  And it never ends - the more I learn about, the more I find out there is to learn!

How do I get my inspiration for my blog?
I step out my back door.

I see so much to learn.  What kind of butterfly is that?  What flowers should I plant to attract different types butterflies?  What plants will actually grow in that absolutely impossible spot?  And what in the world are those rascally squirrels up to this time?

It is staggering to realize how everything is linked together and dependent on each other just in my little backyard ecosystem - soil, plants, birds, bees, the list could go on.

Looking around, there is so many interesting things and so much to ponder - and this is just in my own back yard.  Imagine the rest of the world..

And a very big thank you to the fabulous Jane over at garden blog Tidy Gardens by Jane, who has deemed me worthy of the Very Inspiring Blogger Award.  It is very rewarding to write about what inspires me and have it inspire others as well.

Thank you, as well, to those in the garden blogging community - you know who you are!  You all are also an inspiration to me!
And thank you, Mr. Red House, for starting it all.

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