Wednesday, March 7, 2012

A Berry Terrible Crime

A crime has been committed here at the Red House garden.
Something has been taken.

A few weeks ago this holly tree was full of berries.

Every single one has been stolen.

Two suspicious characters were captured on the nearby security camera.

They are wanted for questioning in connection with this robbery.

They were noticed hanging around this tree for quite some time.

Suspects were wearing orange shirts and dark hoodies, thus it is possible that they are part of the notorious American Robin gang.

Be careful, they might be beaked and dangerous.

I only hope that they find the perpetrators of this crime in time for next winter - this holly needs its berries!


  1. Beaked and dangerous, huh?! Tee hee. Those Robin gang members can be a bit scary. Cute post!

  2. Indie,

    We saw 100s of Robins stealing holly berries on Sunday. Surely these had lots of help.

  3. What a cute post title. We have seen robins here and their really is not much left for them to eat. But I will be on the lookout for your two fugitives.

  4. haha - I've been surprised that nothing eats the holly berries around here. I think the cat gang have taken over the 'hood - and the birds don't want a rumble! (Hope I got all that slang terminology right!)

  5. LOL! You have some hungry thieves there Indie. I am glad you caught the culprits but do not be too harsh with them. LOL!

  6. Hmmmm...if it's not Squirrels nicking your nuts, it's birds nabbing your berries. Honestly! What is the world coming to!! x

  7. Loved this!! Totally adorable little birds ...

  8. That will be the Jail Bird - hard to catch as he always wears a mask and parks his get away vehicle around the corner! Very funny post ;-)

  9. Fun post!
    Congrats on the security footage... I was lucky enough to be around on the single day of the year that the dogwood berries are ready to eat, last Spring.
    Didn't get pictures, though.

    It's amazing when the birds finally decide to clean out the bush...
    Good luck getting a bigger crop for them this year...

  10. Very witty!! I smiled all the way through your post!! Those birdies won't get far now - everyone knows exactly what they look like :)

  11. If they are still hungry, you can send the birds over to London, I got a 6 m tall holly loaded with berries and when they fall off my garden will have HUNDREDS of holly seedlings I have to pick up. They grow on anything, even pure bark mulch. The birds here don't eat the berries, not sure why.

  12. There have been many who have said they've had big flocks of robins around Austin lately. I've seen a couple in the greenbelt behind our house but I don't have many berries for them. Yours look fat and happy!

  13. Very fun post and very creative. In fact, you gave me a wonderful idea for a post I need to do. I love the notorious Robin Gang...beaked and dangerous.LOL
    I hope you do more of these. It was berry fun to read.

  14. I recently watched a flock of robins completely strip a holly bush of all its berries. They made lots of noise and did not try to hide their crime at all! I think birds wait till the perfect moment in late winter when all the berries are fully ripe and delicious.

  15. Ha! Very cute! I hope they don't make their way to my neighborhood and eat my blueberries when they finally emerge.

  16. These two suspects were actually part of a larger gang of around ten American Robins that were found loitering around the garden. Most were chased off from the area watering hole by the local Mockingbird sheriff (he does love to push his weight around), but the two in the security footage stayed. We now know why...


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