Sunday, March 11, 2012

Garden Surprises

I adore garden surprises.

One of my favorite gifts from my kids was a poorly labeled planter from the home and garden store containing 'Spring Blooms'.  They turned out to be cute miniature daffodils, but the anticipation of seeing what was going to come up was half the fun!

Last fall my wonderful mother-in-law sent me a large assortment of bulbs.  I had also bought and ordered a lot of bulbs, so there was a whole bonanza of bulb planting even throughout the winter.  Between the large amount of bulbs and my terrible memory, I am enjoying lots of garden surprises this spring!

I don't even remember planting the Grape Hyacinths that are popping up in my shade garden, but they are quite cute.

Grape Hyacinth (Muscari armeniacum)
I do remember planting some Summer Snowflakes - just not in the location they are coming up in...

Summer Snowflakes (Leucojum aestivum 'Gravetye Giant')
A bag of mixed bulbs from the garden store will always guarantee some fun garden surprises.

mixed daffodils
My mother-in-law also recently gave me some plants from her garden.  I haven't planted this camellia yet - I'm anxiously waiting to see what color the blooms are!

One caveat - I only love GOOD garden suprises.
 Okay, who dug all those holes in my moss garden?!

Pssst!  Get out of there!  Mrs. Red House is coming and she doesn't look happy...

Anyone else out there enjoying some good gardening surprises?


  1. Indie,

    Glad you have Snowflakes, we planted them 2 seasons ago and only one remains. Those darn squirrels.... I found daffodils too, that I just didn't recall being so pretty.

  2. I am more surprised with each Spring. At least there's one good thing about a failing memory!

  3. A camellia! Oh, I wish I could grow them. Your daffodils are so pretty. Oh those pesky little squirrels. I like watching them but they can be such pests.

  4. Since I just moved into a new house, everything is a surprise this year. My favorite has been a few hyacinths that came up. I'm normally not a 'pink' person, but they are gorgeous, and were on my fall planting wish list.

  5. Precious post. I love surprises. Many of mine are things I forget that I planted.

  6. Your garden surprises are beautiful! The colors are eye-popping. I have daffodils blooming, and I see plants breaking the surface of the ground throughout the garden. It is nice to be out there in the garden enjoying the surprises.

  7. How fun! I have some things popping up in my garden that I don't remember what they are, either. I love having garden surprises like that! Lovely blooms - love your camellia!

  8. Surprises are wonderful! My Crocuses usually surprise me--I never know which ones will put on the prettiest show from year to year--blue, white, or yellow. My Daffodils are about ready to pop, too! You have some beautiful blooms and your photos are lovely!

  9. Squirrels are never a surprise, lol. But you "Spring Blooms" was a fine surprise. You have great kids!


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