Thursday, August 25, 2011

In the Garden State: An Artist's Garden

This week I am away from the Red House and in the thankfully cooler Garden State of New Jersey.  I was fortunate to be able to stay at the house of Radhika, a very talented artist and gardener and a relative of Mr. Red House.  Her garden was a welcome shaded oasis after the blazing North Carolina sun.

As the summer blooms fade, the beautiful structure and textures of the garden emerge.

One of my favorite things about Radhika's garden is the many pathways.  One is always wondering what is around the bend..

or up the staircase..

Radhika has lived all over the world, including Hong Kong and Singapore.  Her art as well as her garden shows touches of Asian influence.

I would be remiss if I did not show some her beautiful paintings.  If only my camera could do them justice!
oil painting
Chinese brush painting
Back to wandering the paths and soaking in the beauty... what else will I discover this week?


  1. Radhika's garden is truly beautiful with lovely lines and movement. Her paintings are beautiful as well.
    I would be interested in knowing what kind of plant or tree that has red blooms is in the foreground in the Asian inspired picture. It is quite striking with the white hosta blossoms in the background.
    Often scent in a garden is an afterthought. I have two shaded areas I'm selecting plants for and have been inspired to seek out scented hostas. I believe the aroma would be a lovely addition and the white blooms would help brighten up a darker corner as well.
    I pray all are safe there from Hurricane Irene.

  2. Thank you, Melodie :) The plant with the red blooms is a begonia, maybe a begonia boliviensis? It is in a hanging basket attached to the tree in the middle of the courtyard - you can see it somewhat in the very first picture of the garden.
    I wish I had a little more shade, as I love shade gardens! I enjoy my one shady corner that I have.
    All is well after the hurricane. There was one uprooted tree out in the yard here in NJ, but other than that it wasn't too bad, thankfully!


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