Thursday, August 18, 2011

Interacting with the locals

Today I had the pleasure of meeting some more of the locals in my garden.

Mr. Skink had only time for a quick hello before he had to be off.

Fuzzy here is actually a recent transplant, having stowed away on a plant I got today. We welcome him to the Red House Garden!

Mr. Blue of the Damselfly family stayed around for quite a nice long chat.

Can you see him smiling for the camera?

Ms. Buckeye Butterfly seemed to be in a quite rush and couldn't stop for more than a moment or two.

Mr. Frog, on the other hand, was a little overly friendly.  He made himself right at home by helping himself to my watering can jacuzzi. 

After chatting awhile, I picked up the watering can as a subtle sign that I had to be going, at which point Mr. Frog hopped onto my hand and started hopping his way up my arm.  Thankfully after a gentle flail nudge, he landed jumped his way back home into the garden.

Any characters in your garden?


  1. What a lovely way to show the wildlife in your garden! Love the photods of the frog :)

  2. I see all of these interesting creatures around the garden from time to time. The skinks have found a home by our patio, in the vegetable garden, and by the hill patio. I love your photos...they all seem to be posing for the camera. Welcome to Blotanical!

  3. Thank you both! One of my goals in gardening is to attract butterflies and other beneficial wildlife, so I am glad that it is working!

  4. Hehe love your rogues gallery, what wonderful wildlife you have there. Thanks for dropping by, likewise for me it's amazing to see such a dry looking place! Love your fun photos too:~)

  5. Mr. Frog looks totally content. What a lovely way to lounge away a hot afternoon. I imagine he was most appreciative of the cool jacuzzi!


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