Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Rain Lilies

It's mid-August, and after our summer storms the rain lilies are blooming.

Also known as the unpronouncable  Zephyranthes candida, rain lilies are known to be pretty easy going plants.  Mine have never compained about the terrible clay or the overwatering and/ or underwatering that they receive.  They do, however, need full sun to bloom.  I have some that only receive morning sun, and they rarely bloom.

Rain lilies are actually a member of the amaryllis family and are only hardy to zone 7 or so, thus cold weather gardeners will need to plant them in spring and dig and store them in fall.   In warmer climates, rain lilies can be planted in fall if desired.  Rain lilies will send up their new grassy stalks in spring and that's all you'll see until the late summer bloomfest.  Mr. Red House was wondering why I had planted chives by the front walkway for quite some time :)  My rain lilies actually keep their green grassy stalks all through the winter as well.

They are even naturalizing in my terrible clay.  This is last summer:

And here they are this year:

Whoops, there must have been a yellow one thrown into the mix!

I planted some Zephyranthes citrina bulbs this year in another part of the garden.  They are supposed to be bright yellow rain lilies and bloom a little later in the season.  I haven't even seen any little grassy stalks from them, though, so we'll see if they've made it.  Rain lilies also come in a beautiful pink color.

It is a beautiful thing to see the rain lilies opening to the warming sun after the harsh summer storms.

Happy gardening!

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  1. I must acquire some rain lilies!

  2. Indie, I really enjoyed this post. I live in zone 5 and my rain lilies grow in pots which I take in over the winter. Mine are pink and I didn't know that they came in other colors. They are really stunningly beautiful.
    Thanks for sharing; enjoyed visiting your blog today.

  3. Welcome to Bloomin' Tuesday! I posted rain lilies awhile ago but yours are different. Love them! I got mine from fFlorida and plant them in a washtub that I bring into the basement for the winter. Jean

  4. I love the rain lilies. Here they sell bags of them in the big home and garden stores since they are hardy in zone 7. Thanks for visiting!


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