Monday, October 15, 2012

Nearly Naked Abelias and Other Blooms

It's October, and the weather is still deciding whether or not it wants to get cold.  Either way, the plants are appreciating the fact that it is no longer blisteringly hot outside!

part of the front garden
My Abelias are blooming profusely.  You wouldn't know it though, since my kids have seen fit to pick off almost every single little white flower from the stems.  That takes some kind of dedication (I'm just not sure what kind!)  Thankfully, the pretty reddish sepals have been left unplundered for winter.

a nearly naked Abelia
They should work on picking their own flowers, as their wildflower garden is an overflowing riot of rainbow colors, just like they wanted it.  I guess it's more fun to pick Mommy's flowers..

the kids' garden, spilling over with blooms
A fair number of things are re-blooming now that the weather is cooler, such as the 'Jackmanii' Clematis and Rudbeckias in the front garden and my roses in the back.  The roses are known by the kids as 'those pokey bushes' so these blooms are safe!

Rosa 'Souvenir de la Malmaison'
My seemingly ever-blooming 'Santana' Butterfly Bush is still going strong, earning thanks from the butterflies passing through.  The bush has turned into a monster, with most of the blooms too high for the little tykes to get into!

Monarch on 'Santana' Butterfly Bush
My new Nepeta 'Limelight' is blooming, but I don't think anyone really grows it for it's blooms, do you?  I took this picture on a cloudy day so the colors are a little muted, but believe me, the foliage practically glows.

my kids probably wouldn't even notice the blooms on this Nepeta 'Limelight'
It's fall, so of course the mums must pretty themselves up! 

But I must admit, as soon as there was the slightest chill in the air, it was pansies that I just had to get.

I adore the little viola ones, even though you have to see them up close to truly appreciate them.

Bonus points for whiskers!  

They should last all through the fall and into the spring,

at least, as long as my kids don't notice them...

For what's blooming in other gardens across the world, visit Garden Bloggers' Bloom Day!


  1. Welcome to India!
    I remember zakładałaś your garden.
    Now the flowers are lovely. There are a lot of
    I love all your pictures.
    Pictures are not only very beautiful but also detailed.
    I have always enjoyed the beauty.
    I'm glad you visit my blog!
    I send you greetings.

  2. That is so funny that your children picked off all those tiny little abelia blooms! They must have been making a miniature bouquet! Still, the bush looks very pretty in red. Your SDLM rose is gorgeous! This is one rose I don't grow, but always regret not having. Maybe someday. Your children's wildflower garden looks wonderful, too. I bet they are so proud of each and every bloom there! Maybe that's why they aren't picking them - only your flowers! :)

  3. How nice to see all those blooms...I am grateful for every bloom that can still show itself in our crazy fall...they are getting few and far between but the autumn color makes up for the lack of blooms.

  4. Good thing the Roses are prickly and safe. ;-) They are so sweet. It's wonderful that you have a flower garden for your kids. I should have done that more when my kids were little.

  5. Beautiful photographs, wonderful flowers. I am greeting

  6. Wait until next Spring, tell the kids how pretty the weeds are in the main border, problem solved. ZielonaMila, dinnae greet, you have made me sad. (English - crying, Scottish - greeting)

  7. The kids' garden looks great! Of course, they wouldn't want to pick the blooms here; the flowers look too pretty just the way they are:) I chuckled at the "pokey bushes"--apparently they have learned the dangers of picking roses.

    Sweet little pansies and violas--I have trouble resisting them, too.

  8. That is so sweet, can you imagine when you kids are all grown up and you will tease them about picking all of your flowers...

    Jen @ Muddy Boot Dreams

  9. Funny, the kids must have been busy. I like your Monarch shot. It looks like a magazine photo.

  10. Beautiful post...I'm always amazed by Pansies...they look so delicate, but they are SO TOUGH!


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