Saturday, December 7, 2013

The Battle Over the Pine Trees

When it comes to our family, I am the head gardener.  Since Mr. Red House is not much of an outdoor person and is actually allergic to a fair number of plants/trees/grasses, etc., I pretty much have free rein in the yard.  While Mr. Red House always appreciates the gardening I do, he doesn't usually have many opinions about the yard...
except when it comes to TREES.

a pine tree seedling in our backyard
Mr. Red House has never met a tree he didn't like.  If we ended up planting all the trees he wanted, I would have nothing but a shady woodland garden, and all of the trees would soon end up crowding out the house!  The only critique Mr. Red House has ever made of my garden is to point out where another tree might fit.  

He also doesn't like to cut down any trees - he's even dubious about me pruning.

But this Christmas I wanted to cut some pine boughs to make a fresh wreath for the door.  And with all the many pine seedlings we had in our yard, I was determined to cut some of them for their lush, densely-packed branches.

Mr. Red House was not happy.

young pine trees in our yard
We have lots of small pines in our woods, but Mr. Red House wanted all of them, no matter how tiny.  I wanted my wreath.  The battle was on!

more young pine trees in our yard
He wiled, he pleaded.  At one point he even connived the kids into standing in front of the targeted seedlings, using them as living barricades against my pruner and hampering my efforts..

...but I emerged victorious!  The pine branches made a beautiful wreath, don't you think?

Sorry, Mr. Red House, I think I'm going to have to cut fresh pine branches every Christmas!

*Mr. Red House regrets to inform you that several young pine trees were hurt in the making of this blog.*


  1. great job..just like the olden days

  2. Shame on Mr. Redhouse! Using his children on the front lines of battle, tsk tsk. Did you at least go deep into the woods to get your pine boughs from trees he couldn't see from the house?

  3. Lovely and authentic. Tell Mr. Red House that pine trees grow very quickly. He won't even notice something is missing.

  4. I would love your pines for a wreath as well....great wreath.

  5. Your wreath is lovely and definitely worth the fight! :)

  6. Beautiful wreath! Sorry, Mr. Red House, but those pine branches look lovelier on your front door. Glad the children listened to you, too, Indie, and moved away from the trees:)

  7. Oh, my! Your Mr. Redhouse and my H.H. are kindred spirits. I love our trees, but feel I don't need any more. Beautiful wreath! P. x

  8. What a lovely wreath! I suggest that next year you don't even tell Mr. Redhouse that you are going to do it. Then let him see if he can find any gaps. I bet he won't. My Pianist is the same. He doesn't do anything in the garden but he doesn't want a single tree touched. Not even a dead one!

  9. What a lovely wreath, and it looks so good on your red door! I am sure none of the branches will be missed come next summer, won’t even be possible to see where you snipped them off. Just put it on the account of non-gardeners ignorance and keep on what you are doing :-)

  10. Mr. Holleygarden is just like Mr. Red House! Good for you for persisting until you got your wreath - it's so pretty! Remind him that pruning makes many plants grow faster! :)

  11. 'Several pine trees were hurt'....what about the children? No mention of their fate as they stood ready to battle against a pruner-wielding-woman!!
    That'm with you. Stand aside anyone daft enough to talk me out of an idea. Merry Christmas Indie x

  12. Wow, that is one impressive wreath! Are you enjoying your new home and yard? I'm sure it must be so different from where you lived before. Happy Holidays!

  13. I LOVE my wreath, and Mr. Red House even grudgingly agrees that it looks nice (whilst still bemoaning the poor pine trees that fell to make it.)

    Mr. Red House also regrets to inform everyone that more pine seedlings were massacred by yours truly in the effort to make two very lovely (if I do say so myself) kissing balls...

  14. Did you plant the pines yourself? If you did, how tall were they when planted? I have been really enjoying your blog.

    1. Thanks! I didn't plant the pines. Our native White Pine grows wild here in the woods. They grow quite fast though!


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