Friday, July 31, 2015

Consider Me Lured.

I am Summer,
come to lure you away from your computer...
come dance on my fresh grass,
dig your toes into my beaches. 
~Oriana Green, @NatureSpirits

I will be away for the next week, enjoying our summer vacation at the beach.
See you all when I get back!
Happy Summer :)


  1. Enjoy your vacation! Yes, it does tend to lure us away from the computers, and that's a good thing for a well-deserved break. Cheers! See you soon!

  2. Enjoy the beach! There are seldom mosquitoes there. The little devils are keeping me from dancing on my grass.

  3. Hope you have a fabulous time at the beach.

  4. Have a grand time and blog all about it when you come home!

  5. Hope you had a marvelous time...lucky you the beach is so close there!

  6. I hope you are having a wonderful vacation! Enjoy! P. x


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