Friday, April 6, 2018

That's One Cold Shower

If April showers

bring May flowers...

what does April snow bring?

The coming May blooms might want to go into hiding for a little while!

Happy spring?


  1. I hear you!

    We're supposed to get a little snow here tomorrow morning too!

    They say March was colder than February. I hope April isn't colder than March... :P

  2. The weather has been a bit unstable, two steps forward, one step back!

  3. Freezing temperatures here this weekend. It's getting very tiresome. Poor little daffodils!

  4. Yep. Here too. Where's our spring? :-(

  5. We don't have the snow as much, but extremely cold temps (for April!). At least the snow insulates (not that I want anymore snow!) No sign of native spring ephemerals yet, just flowering bulbs, as you show here. Beautiful photos, Indie!

  6. Even though it is very cold, it is beautiful.
    Good weekend.

  7. Hi Indie .. I just wanted to say thank you for stopping by my blog and leaving your comment.
    I see you have been dealing with this rotten weather too.
    I am beginning to wonder if Spring will really land here and if we just shift into summer after a few weeks .. heaven knows what the plants "think" haha


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