Monday, November 14, 2011

The First Frost

This weekend we had our first frost.

It swept up the front yard, barely kissing the tops of the grass and leaves with its touch.

Thankfully it only made it up to the first line of defense in the garden, the edging of zinnias.

Most of the zinnias survived, even if they are not looking their best, and the bushy zinnia plants are still a strange mix of flowers, seedheads, and buds.

The cold has also had the curious effect of bringing out stripes in my zinnias.

I wonder why?


  1. I don't know why the zinnia got striped. I wonder if it is a similar process to what trees go through. But, I bet they wish they could get up and move right about now.

  2. I love the frosty mornings. It makes you want to get up and have a nice hot coffee, glad to be indoors. The zinnias are very nice, I'll have to add some to my wildflower areas come spring.

  3. We had a very light frost late last week which took much of the azalea blooms but it is suppose to get nice again with temps in the 70's...that's more like it!

  4. We've flirted with freezing temperatures on and off the last couple of weeks, but so far the low has been 31.9F. Jack Frost hasn't committed himself to our garden quite yet, but it won't be long. I do love the look of frosted blades of grass, and leaves though...even if it does make it a bit brisk to be in the garden!

  5. We have had one frost which left behind a lot of brown, drooping plants. All the annuals are gone, the cannas are done, and there's lots of clean-up work for me to do! The temperatures are back up into the 70s, but it's beginning to look a bit like winter.


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