Monday, November 21, 2011

You've Been Lying to Me

You've been lying to me.

Telling me that you were a harmless little ladybug.

I have ladybug spots! you said.
I'm just a cute green one!  you said.

And I believed you.

Come to find out, you are not a ladybug at all,
but a cucumber beetle.

And you were not here to protect my roses from aphids, 
as you previously had beguiled me into believing.

You were here to eat them.

Did you do this?

I think it's time for you to go.

 Don't give me a sob story about how you are a good cucumber beetle.

I don't believe you anymore.


  1. I loved this post, naughty cucumber beetle masquerading as a ladybug.

  2. Oh no! Those cute little pests can cause a lot of damage! Good luck getting them under control; watch out they will overwinter in your house if they can get in.

  3. Whooops.

    dangerous little critter !!

  4. Those cute little critters also tatter the lovely and late blooming Sheffield mum. It is such a nice long lasting cut flower if you can get to them before the cucumber beetles. Your blog is delightful.

  5. What cute commentary. Those bugs are little liars and chewers.

  6. I've been fooled by beetles masquerading as ladybugs too. Serve them right!

  7. Enjoy your cute story. However, it's not the beetle's fault for chewing the buds. After all, it's born to be a vegetarian. Better to be a cucumber beetle than blood suckers like mosquitoes.

  8. This post got me chuckling! So cutely done. I've come across a similar sized bug in red/orange colour in my garden that eats anything & everything. Squish them I say!

  9. Thankfully we don't have those in Ireland...I think!

  10. Never seen one in London either ... hope it stays that way (cuteness... but at a cost!!)

  11. Haha, you got me there, how so cute little story!

  12. Never seen one, thankfully.

    A great story :)

  13. Something ate some of the buds on my re-blooming irises. I wonder if it was a cucumber beetle.

  14. A lovely story, with a 'squished' ending me thinks!! haha!! x

  15. love your post! and yes, have them as well but very few numbers so I leave them be. I love their emerald green color.


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