Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Dear Cousin Peter,

It has been so long!  You simply must come visit.  When you come, I'll take you to the Red House Garden, a lovely place and a regular stop on my daily schedule.  Every morning around dawn, I slip through the gap in the backyard gate and enjoy the view of breakfast from the corner of the yard.

Ahh, remembering the view of the summer smorgasbord...
According to Mrs. Red House, the corner of the yard is supposed to hold a butterfly garden, but the plants look rather neglected way over here.  So in order to help her out, I do my morning business here, me being such a considerate rabbit and all.

Everyone knows that rabbit droppings are wonderful fertilizer, so I make sure to leave a nice large pile every morning.  Occasionally I hear Mrs. Red House complaining loudly about stepping around piles while trying to garden, but I know she must be kidding.  By the state of things, it's pretty obvious that she doesn't garden much over there.

After doing my good deed for the morning, I am usually hungry.  Thankfully the Red House Garden offers a wide variety of morning delicacies - coneflower leaves, mums, some of your favorites! You must try the variegated liriope.

Ah, Cousin Peter, I have found the most delicious plant in the garden!  Sweet, succulent Rose leaves.  A nice, tender Bourbon rose, if I am a proper rabbit judge of such things.  This one tastes Expensive.

I was right - Expensive was among the words Mrs. Red House used when she found it afterwards.  There were some other words as well that I don't think were quite so acceptable for polite rabbit company.  She must have forgotten just how much I help her out each day with my abundant piles.

Mrs. Red House has only actually seen me once, as I usually stay in the woods on the other side of the fence.  She ran after me with a camera wanting to take my picture, probably in appreciation, but I am too shy and humble for that.  I managed to squeeze my large self out through the gap in the gate in a hurry.  Which reminds me, when you come please don't wear one of your ridiculous jackets with the big buttons that get caught on everything!

One day soon afterwards, I came to the garden as normal and found that Mrs. Red House had decided to block up my normal access route.  There must have been some less helpful rabbits helping themselves to the garden buffet.  Freeloaders!

Thankfully I have another secret route that I can take you through.  Stop by sometime, and I'll show you around!

Hope you all are doing well, and give my love to Cousins Flopsy, Mopsy, and Cottontail!

N.C. Rabbit

inspired by The Tale of Peter Rabbit by Beatrix Potter


  1. A cute post! Hopefully, will be able to see NC Rabbit in a future post soon! The new telephoto lens will be useful for this :)

  2. Hilarious! The rabbits have been hanging around longer than usual this year with the mild weather. It looks like they have a nice buffet at Red House!

  3. Dear 'Wabbit'...don't forget you have those big feet for burrowing underground, so when Mr & Mrs Redhouse have nailed down every gap in the fence & built the highest of walls, you still have Plan B...DIG!!
    Yours Truly
    The Easter Bunny

  4. Cute! I had a regular rabbit visitor this summer that I thought was adorable until it ate all of my bean plants! I haven't seen any this fall or winter, though. Guess they moved to Raleigh!

  5. OMG, I have the same problem here, but can't also help to think how cute they actually are :)

  6. perfect tale for Xmas coming. Indie the story teller, I shall get inspiration from you with Piquedru my hedgehog some day !

  7. You almost made me want to get a rabbit for my children. Cute post :).

  8. Oh love this post, what a great perspective...so cute!! I love your writing style.

  9. Dear N.C.Rabbit, I live far to the north of you, but we still have lots in common. In the summer, I used to slip in under the fence and help myself to some carrots greens and some parsley. I also have a great fondness for violets, when in season.
    Heck, I am so happy here in this my own private garden, that I have moved the whole family in for an extended winter stay.
    Happy holidays to you N.C. Rabbit!

  10. Hahaha!!! This is so cute...and why couldn't he have eaten the cheap plants? good taste, I suppose... :)

  11. tanntoot - Thanks! I used to see rabbits fairly regularly last year in the evenings, but this year they've been surprisingly stealthy!

    Karin - Oh yes, they enjoyed the buffet! Though I did put a stop to it for the time being - we'll see how long it takes them to find another way in.

    Jane - Haha, I don't think it takes him too much effort, either! I have to stay on the lookout!

    Sheila - My rabbit must have been spreading the word! Ack!

    Dewi - Mine mostly eat on the sly, so I don't even get to admire their cuteness, sadly!

    Celine - Ooo, looking forward to hearing the story of the hedgehog!

    blackheartbetty - Just don't let him out into the garden if you do! :)

    julia - Thanks so much for the complement!

    jennifer - I shall pass on the message to N.C. Rabbit :) Oh my, lucky you with a whole rabbit family to support in your garden...thankfully I think I only have one!

    hanni - Exactly what I wonder! This rabbit has far too expensive of taste! I even have a lovely patch of clover in the back, but it doesn't look even nibbled on..

  12. Kewt post!
    Thumper n bambi n a colony of armadillo want to come visit from my garden!
    Another secret route...Yeppers, when the armadillos were breaking into my last garden, it would take no time at all for them to find new ways in... They would spend all their time testing the fence, looking for a weak area to bust through... finding those paths in took up lots of time that I coulda been loosening soil for them to root in...


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