Tuesday, December 20, 2011

December Blooms - the Token Camellia Post

It's December, and the Camellias are in full bloom.

They come in a variety of pink, red, and white and provide food for the bees and other pollinators during these winter months.  Though beautiful, it does sometimes seem strange to see bushes loaded with pink blooms this time of year.

My favorite thing about camellia bushes is the way the ground underneath becomes strewn with flower petals.  The camellia bushes look like they are sitting on a soft petaled carpet.

I don't have any camellias in the Red House Garden, but since there is nothing blooming here I thought I'd show pictures of these local camellia blooms.

What?!  Did she just call us NOTHING?!  I like that, here we are blooming our little heads off, and she calls us NOTHING?

Oh, sorry, apparently I do have pansies blooming here.

That's right!  You even have some blooming right up front.  Don't you ever walk around your garden anymore?

Uh, well, I've been pretty busy getting ready for Christmas and all...

And neglecting your garden!  Haven't you even noticed us miniature hollyhocks?!  It's our first little blooms, too!

Sorry, hollyhocks, you are very beautiful!  I wasn't really expecting that you would bloom this year... you arrived at the garden so late in the year.

Hey, what about us?


The clematis!

You guys are still blooming?!!


Jackmanii, you're still in bloom?!  How many months have you been going?!  And how in the world do you still have more buds when all your leaves have been dying off for the winter?

Oh well, sacrifices have to be made.  Why use up energy to maintain leaves when you can spend it on blooms?  Ignore those leaves and focus on the pretty flowers!

Hey, do you think you guys could bloom until late February or March when my spring blooming clematis take over?  Then I could have clematis blooms year round!

Uh, don't push your luck.

Sorry.  I was getting excited.
And sorry, garden, for neglecting you quite a lot lately.  After the holidays, I promise!

Who would have guessed there would be so many blooms among the brown of winter?


  1. does the red house have any indoors flowers ? I have been considering my garden to be an extension of my house for some time, only to realize that I was doing lots to make my home an extension of the garden (now that I have tamed both cat and kids...).

  2. You surprised me! I really did think you were going to write about camellias - not that there's anything wrong with that. Your little Winter survivors are all so very much more interesting.

  3. Cute post! You really do have a lot of blooms still! And they seem mighty feisty! :) I've been neglecting my garden, too. The holidays seem to just take over everything!

  4. The purple tipped pansies are stunning! Beautiful macro shots by the way :) I think autumn & winter are The best time to admire flowers since they tend to stand out.

  5. The purple tipped pansies are stunning! Beautiful macro shots by the way :) I think autumn & winter are The best time to admire flowers since they tend to stand out.

  6. Oh my goodness Woman!!! Petals n' leaves strewn everywhere!!! I'm on my way round quick to pick them all up!! Get the kettle on xxx

  7. I have been quite neglectful of the garden lately - to much to do and too many places to go this holiday season! Thankfully I don't have any indoor plants anymore to worry about, as they have struggled too much between the cats and the kids. Someday, perhaps!

    My poor garden will have to get some much deserved TLC next year!


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