Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Just Singin' in the Birdbath

Wait for it...



Ah, what a glorious feeling..

A nice cool bath!

Just what a bird needs on a hot summer's day!

A big thank you to all those of you who leave out a little water in a shady spot for us wildlife during this summer heat.  We appreciate it!

Onto other happenings at the Red House Garden, I want to thank the wonderful and singular Jane over at Tidy Gardens by Jane for awarding my blog with the One Lovely Blog Award!  I appreciate it!

In accepting this award, I am required to share 7 facts about myself with everyone:

1.  As a kid, I always thought that working for National Geographic would be the best job in the world, as I love to see new places.

2.  I get very motion sick very easily.

3.  Since motion sickness pretty much rules out a job where I travel (and National Geographic would probably not like an employee that was drugged half the time), I decided to go with my second, only slightly less glamorous career choice, that of a math teacher.

4.  Actually math teacher was my third choice, as genius girl detective didn't really work out for me, either.

5. But I do collect old girl detective novels..

6.  and I enjoy taking pictures of wildlife (if you couldn't tell).  I think this gardening blog is in danger of turning into a wildlife and nature blog!

7.  And I do still love to go new places.  I am fortunate to have had opportunities to visit several different countries, including Singapore and India, thanks to relatives that have lived there. 

Also, as part of this award I am supposed to pass it on by naming several other blogs deserving of this award.  Well, I have the list of my favorite blogs over on my sidebar - all of them are very worthy blogs.  I do believe in promoting new deserving bloggers as well - when I find the time, I plan to have a post on just this topic!  Happy Gardening!

UPDATE:  What a twice as nice feeling - Nadeszda from Nadezda's Northern Garden also nominated me for this award!  Thank you, Nadeszda!


  1. Indie, what the nice photos! Cute little bird loving to bath in a hot day!
    We here are in hard rain the third day. All my plants suffer of cold water and my water lily closed.

    1. Don't we wish we could move the weather around and direct some of that rain to the places suffering from drought! Plants are either drowning or roasting all over - we need a middle ground!

  2. I enjoyed watching the birds frolic in the birdbath this past week when it was so hot here. I do need to move it to a shady spot because the water got pretty warm.

    1. It has been a lot of fun watching the birds. They sure do enjoy the birdbath in this heat!

  3. Birds have it made here too. They love the fountain and birdbath. Cute photos of your little bather.

    1. Oooh.. even a fountain! Your birds are living in luxury!

  4. Did you read Trixie Belden mysteries when you were younger?

    1. They were actually my favorites! Trixie Beldon books make up most of my collection - I have almost every one of them!

  5. I enjoyed this post! I do believe that bird was singing as he finished his bath. I love wildlife and nature photos, too, though I am not so good at taking them!

  6. Great set of pictures. Loved it. LT


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