Sunday, July 15, 2012

MI: Squirrel Division does Garden Bloggers' Bloom Day

Sigh... I'm so bored.
It's been so hot that I haven't even had enough energy to make it past the baffle
on the bird feeder!  And there's been no new missions in days..

Hey!  A mission just came in from Headquarters!  

What?!  Finally!  It's about time we had some action around here.  What's the mission?

Well, this one's rather odd..  
Apparently we are supposed to find some blooms here at the 
Red House Garden for something called 

Some blooms?!  Don't they know that we've had record high heat here, 
and that the garden has besieged by the serial killer Vole and his family?  

Hey, at least Headquarters didn't ask us to tackle those guys!

Come on, there's got to be something blooming around here, right?  
We'll find some blooms if they're out there - they don't call us
Mission Impossible: Squirrel Division for nothing, do they?

Aha!  Found some!

Wild Potato Vine
Um.. You found some weeds.  Surrounded by more weeds.

But they're BLOOMING weeds aren't they?  
Maybe if Mrs. Red House hadn't weeded the other parts of the garden, 
she'd have more blooms! 

I'm still pretty sure that that wasn't what Headquarters had in mind.. 
Let's keep looking!

White flowering Sedum
Aw, here's some cute tiny little flowers!  Just my size, too! 
That would make a great bouquet for a squirrel..

We're not here to pick the flowers!  
See if you can find some larger blooms, ones that the humans will actually notice!

Fine!  I will!

Cosmos sulphureus
Coreopsis tinctoria
Dahlia 'Kelvin Floodlight'
Jackpot!  Look at all these flowers in the front yard!
And you thought we wouldn't be able to find any!

Me?!  I distinctly remember that it was you who had the doubts!

I don't know what you are talking about.  
Look, there's some more!

Rudbeckia hirta 'Irish Eyes'
Abelia x grandiflora 'Little Richard'
Clematis 'Gazelle'
Wow, there are even some new flowers that I don't remember seeing here at the Red House Garden before!

Butterfly Weed, grown from seed this year
Cardinal Flower - we've seen more hummingbirds in the area since these started flowering
Mission accomplished!  Blooms have been found!
Now on to a little snack...

But doesn't anything bother you about this mission?

Mmmphhh?  (mouth full)

It's just that this seemed to be a mission to help Mrs. Red House.
But she's the enemy - the lady who uses the baffles on the 
bird feeders against us!

What, like she's some sort of secret agent?  And she's 
infiltrated our message system and is using it to make us help her?
Naaa... that doesn't sound like Mrs. Red House...

I don't know...  Looks can be deceiving.
We might have to keep an eye on this Mrs. Red House..


  1. Ha, thanks for the light approach. I needed a little comic relief. You have some pretty blooms, and some curious visitors. ;-) Happy GBBD!

  2. Ha ha, I so enjoy your squirrels! I keep trying to photograph mine, but they are so quick and there are so many places in my garden they can hide! I love watching them though, but they do make havock sometimes too...Loved your Dahlia 'Kelvin Floodlight', note to self: get one for next year!

  3. Your squirrel agents did a fine job of finding some lovely blooms, despite the weather. Voles are always a problem here, but this year a new menace has arrived: armadillos! They dig everything up and leave the roots exposed to the horrid heat. Do you think squirrels could be trained to chase them away. After all, they are digging up prime nut burying territory!

  4. Oh, these squirrels! I'm glad some plants could survive after their "mission". I love your Butterfly weed, nice yellow color!

  5. Putting out free samples to see what bait to use in the Havahart was to quote Wiley Coyote "sheer genius". It's a trick I'll have to remember.

  6. Look like those two squirrels were having a very serious conversation Indie. LOL! I love your red cardinal flowers. Have a wonderful week.

  7. What a delightful post! I thought I should add a side bar about all the weeds - er - native flowers now blooming on the edges of the garden, daisies, yarrow, queen anne's lace, asters and who knows what all.

  8. Dear Mrs. Red House
    I am so pleased that the squirrels found such lovely blooms: Cardinal flower, Clematis 'Gazelle' and rudbeckia. Since this was Mission Impossible, I have only one question: which of those 2 little agents was Tom Cruise?

  9. Ha, ha, your squirrels accomplished their mission spendidly:) Now if you could only convince them to root out those voles.

    Glad to see you have so many lovely blooms in spite of the heat and all the challenges this summer. Your butterfly weed is doing great for just being planted this year. Here in the Midwest we are praying for rain. My lawn is so brown that we haven't had to mow it for weeks, yet there are still weeds that are managing to survive in it. I could have posted my blue garden of chicory:)

  10. Love the little sedum bloom! The squirrels did a good job. Lots of blooms to see in your garden. Keep those squirrels working for you. They can probably do a lot of jobs! :)

  11. your squirrels are quite happy on land. Over here, squirrels always stay up..., occasionally they would come down probably to have a feel how cool the earth is.

  12. Mrs. Red House,
    That was hilarious and I love the idea! My squirrels would NEVER do such a thing without lots of sunflower seed bribes.
    I love all your blooms but have never known the name for Abelia until now. I miss Cardinal flower so much. Wish I had it here. Hope cooler weather is headed your way.
    Happy GBBD!

  13. Beautiful blooms...the Clematis 'Gazelle' is especially lovely!

  14. India!
    Your world of flora and fauna is beautiful!


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