Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Mission Impossible: Squirrel Division

The Mission: 

 The Mission, Squirrel Division, should you choose to accept it:

The target is the Red House Garden bird-feeder with the best seeds.  Your goal is to reach it and procure as many seeds as possible.

The Team:

Cinnamon Tails - skill: can hang by the tail for great lengths of time
William Sharp-claw - skill: Squirrel kung fu
Rollin Paws - skill: slight of hand, lady squirrel charmer
Prep for Mission:
Assemble weapons
Check for possible guards
Surveillance from other bird-feeders in area
Okay everyone, take your positions.  Operation is a go..

Execute Mission Impossible:

La di da.. I'm just a cute squirrel.. pay no attention to what else is going on around the yard...

Having some trouble reaching it.. trying the other side..


I think I see someone coming!! Get out of there!
Abort!  Abort!  Meet back at the safe tree location!
Good try, everyone.  Does anyone else have any other ideas?

Man, I'm getting tired of acorns!

Neener-neener! from the KGChipmunk


  1. ROFL... this is stuff for a movie ;)
    Great post!!

  2. HAHAHAHAHA! I am laughing out loud, wiping away tears, and my husband is looking at me very strangely. What a funny post. I can't believe you got all those pictures! That streeeetch picture is the best! Thanks for the laugh!

  3. oh my god - this is HILARIOUS!!!! I agree with HolleyGarden - the streeeetch picture is amazing! What fearless, savvy thieves you have there...looks like they were outdone...this time.

    We done have many squirrels in our yard, what with our reputation for feeding all those spayed feral cats! Not many squirrels are willing to even come close, which is good news for the birds...and my tomatoes. Although I do like to watch squirrels. You'll just have to keep us supplied with pictures of yours. :)

  4. LOL. This is so funny, but so true. You captured some great action shots.

  5. muahhhhaaa ha ..ha.. ha... you are too hilarious. You know you could be animated movie creator. I bet you'll be successful :) I am still laughing here ... thank you for this entertainment, we all need this.

  6. That was terrific. A lot of us have squirrel feeders that look an aweful lot like bird feeders! :0) David

    I did a bird and squirrel cartoon that has lot of the same fun going on like your Mission Impossible Squirrels. I think it will come up if you type it in on Google...add Texana and you'll get it.
    Nice post!

  7. HAHAHA!! Excellent...gonna have to send peeps your way to read this...HILARIOUS!!! x

  8. Great captures and commentary! Made a great start to my morning!

  9. That was the cutest... Love it.... !!!! Awesome beginning to my day....

  10. Love it! The photos of the squirrel stretching to get to the seed are hilarious! I have to love squirrels, despite their raids. They are intelligent creatures with good heart and soul. I know this for a fact as I once raised a baby squirrel from earliest infancy. He was as affectionate and as smart as any dog! But too wild to keep for a pet. As he grew, I introduced him to the natural world, to which he eventually returned. But he still came by to visit his momma on occasion!

  11. I enjoy watching the squirrels' antics, though I do wish they wouldn't be such bird feed hogs! The streeetch picture was what started the idea for the post - it was such a funny picture! It is also quite funny to see them climb up the pole and then sliiide down to the bottom. They keep trying, though!

  12. What a cute post! Squirrels can be pesky but their antics are hilarious; such determination! If I could stretch as well as they do, I'd be very flexible. I guess I could take some lessons from them. Still chuckling over this very amusing post!

  13. Indie, I so enjoy your posts!
    By the way, I decided to nominate you, congratulations :-)


    Take care, Helene

  14. A priceless post -- and also an exercise in patience on your part.

  15. Very clever, Indie! I agree with everyone else that said those streeettccchhh pictures are priceless.


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