Saturday, January 14, 2012

Say It Isn't So!

Now that I'm finally home after the holidays, I checked out the garden to see how it was doing.  Were there any blooms in January for this month's Garden Blogger's Bloom Day?

Clematis 'Bill Mackenzie'
There were!  My 'Bill Mackenzie' clematis is trying to make up for the fact that it hasn't really bloomed in two years by sporadically blooming throughout the winter.  Apparently plants do respond to threats...

The rest of the garden was pretty brown like expected except.. 
Uh, oh, what was this?!

Oh, no!  That can't be a crocus, can it?!  Say it isn't so!

So.. hello, my name is Crocus 'Ard Schenk'!
There are crocus in my garden?!  But that would mean Spring is almost here and.. uh, oh, I am so not ready for Spring because... well, people, I have a confession to make.

I still haven't even planted all my fall bulbs.

So, uh, here's to hoping that my plants are just really, really confused by all the warm weather we've been having, and hopefully we'll have just a little bit more winter...

And I'm, uh, going to go outside in the yard for awhile...


  1. That's funny! I love your blog! Thanks for stepping by at mine..

  2. The big suspense... well it would be here too. I should go check my crocus. We have been alternating between temps in the teens then right back up to the fifties. Happy GBBD.

  3. I still have loads of bulbs to plant too. Do you think it is too late?...we've had such a mild winter. They say before the first frost...have we had that yet? LOL!

  4. My plants never respond to my threats. LOL! I have been threatening a wisteria for a couple of years now and it still will not bloom. Your crocus is so sweet. The weather has been so strange. Well it was all last year too so I guess it is going to keep right on fooling us. Have a wonderful day.

  5. haha - Get those bulbs planted! Maybe put them in pots? I can't believe so many crocus blooms I've seen on GBBD. Mine are not up yet. Odd, huh?

  6. I always threaten recalcitrant plants - sometimes it even works :) Saw a lovely display in a Cary roadside bed the other day, daffs crocuses and hyacinths all in full bloom - oh well!

  7. Winter has been mild here, but not that warm. If I wanted to plant bulbs here now, I would need a jack hammer. I don't expect to see a crocus until at least March, perhaps April. I like to see yours though, it makes spring seem a little closer!

  8. Our crocus' are too scared to poke their heads up yet, but I'm hoping march with give them new ideas. I'll have to start threatening a few of my plants. I usually have tried sweet talk and fertilizer, but these new tactics may work.


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