Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Red House Garden Babies

baby Bluebird

baby Monarch

baby Red-bellied Woodpecker

baby gardens

baby Zinnia flower

baby Black Swallowtail butterflies

baby Blue Jay

These are a few of the babies I've encountered this spring and summer.  
But of course the most important babies in my life are my own.

This week my oldest daughter has started kindergarten, while my youngest went to preschool for the first time.  I can't believe they're old enough that I have to start letting them face the big world out there without me.

To me, they'll always be my babies.


  1. So many cute babies! It is hard to watch your own kids grow up and become independent! Darling photos of your girls!

  2. What adorable babies, all of them. And you know that and no matter how old, or how big, or how independent, your babies will always be your babies. They look precious. Appreciate each day - they grow so fast!

  3. Lots of cute babies! And it's wonderful (and scary) how fast the kids grow, isn't it? My favorite photo was, surprisingly to me, the zinnia bud - so graphically structural!

  4. Hi Indie, What a lovely post! Your daughters are adorable (baby woodpecker is 2nd place). I know what you mean about your daughters always being your babies. My son moved away to college this year, and I still can't believe my baby is living on his own. I keep that to myself though ... he'd be so appalled! :-) I enjoyed my visit. All the best!

  5. Awww, you brought a tear to my eye. What can I say? I can relate, and your two babies are so sweet!

  6. Such a heartwarming post Indie. All the babies are adorable, especially the little muffins in the last too images.

    I have never seen a baby hummingbird, but each year I get baby bluejays. They are rather scruffy looking when young. The baby hummingbird is so cute and a really nice capture.

  7. Your babies are precious. And how's mom doing after sending her little one off to Kindergarten? I cried every day for weeks... for each of my children. Now my baby girl is a high school senior. One more year before she flies from the nest.... I'll be crying again, I'm sure. Don't we love our babies?!

  8. What beautiful babies Indie and your 2 are so precious. I have no children but have been entrusted with many parents' babies as a teacher for years...

  9. Such a sweet post, Indie. All your babies are adorable, but the two little ones walking through the grass are the most precious of all. My children are all grown now, but I remember shedding a few years as each of them left for that first day of school. This year my younger grandson started kindergarten and the oldest granddaughter is a senior in high school already--where does the time go?? Enjoy every precious minute with your girls.

  10. Thank you for all your sweet comments, everyone! I think I was probably more nervous for my kids the first day of school than they were! Thankfully, they both loved school. I will admit to a few sniffles, but it was tempered by the joy of having a few hours by myself to get stuff done :)

  11. The first of many 'first days' in letting your babies go. For me it never gets any easier the older they get. That baby blue Jay is soooo cute. x

  12. Love the topic, your photos, and your words.


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