Friday, December 19, 2014

MI Squirrels - Boston Division

Boston Division's MI Squirrel Team Leader's Report:

When Mrs. Red House moved in to this sector, we received the full report from the MI Squirrel Division down near Raleigh, NC.  After reading their report, I thought our mission of breaking into her bird feeder would be one of the hardest challenges of my career.

Now I find that thought laughable.

We have found Mrs. Red House's supposed 'baffles' to be completely un-baffling.  I only regret that my entire team is putting on too much weight.  Thanks to Mrs. Red House, all of us squirrels are getting entirely too fat.

What can I say?  Either my team is just that well trained
...or that team down in North Carolina are all idiots.

MI Squirrel Division of Raleigh  vs.  MI Squirrel Division of Boston

I'm looking forward to a nice, quiet holiday season....
oh, wait, what is this?  Another report?

You've intercepted Mrs. Red House's letter to Santa? 
And she asked for WHAT for Christmas??!

You may acquire your very own Squirrel Practice Targets from various Etsy stores!
Houston, we may have a problem.  

Calling all team members, get down off those bird feeders!
Time to whip you back into running shape, STAT!

Aww, man!

To see past mission reports, click on the topic Mission Impossible: Squirrel Division.


  1. Ha ha. Fat squirrels here too and it does not deter there acrobatics either.

  2. This one had me laughing, but I am not surprised at all. From experience, I know squirrels are intelligent creatures with persistence and great problem-solving skills.

  3. Oh those rascals...Happy Holidays Indie!

  4. Cute! I wonder if shifting the baffle lower or readjusting the spacing of the feeders would help? Maybe not, but just a thought. Squirrels can be pretty tricky! Tee hee. I sure enjoyed this post! Happy Holidays!

  5. Glad you all enjoyed! These squirrels seem to find it easy to get over my baffles - I obviously need better ones! They slow the squirrels down, but don't stop them. I wish you all a happy holidays!


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