Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Some Very Creative Captions...

One advantage of the bare winter yard is that it's actually easier to spot wildlife.  I love seeing what the birds and critters are getting up to in the winter (well, except for when they are munching on things I don't want them to eat...)  I also loved seeing the captions these people had for the photos in my last post:

Alistair: Come on then, put out the grub!
PamYou must have eyes like a hawk to get this picture.
JaneDoes my bum look big in this?

PamWhat IS Indie up to?
Alistair: Cooee is anyone there?
JaneDoh! She's spotted us!
Rose"And this, Bambi, is the best dinner buffet in town!" 

Alistair: Sniff, sniff, I asked for a nutty bagel.
MichelleWhat no cream cheese?
PamWhere's the lox?
DonnaWhere's the Cream Cheese?
JaneNom nom, scoff, scoff

Thank you to all of you who came up with the great captions!  You guys are more creative than me!  It's a cooold day where I am, so I'm sitting inside while enjoying watching the birds swoop around the bird feeder.  I hope everyone is staying warm!


  1. Great shots and the captions made me smile!

  2. Good captions! Had me grinning and giggling. :)

  3. Great captions. I could really relate to Jane's "nom nom" because that's exactly what my pine trees sounded like when they were full of borers.

    1. Oh, no! That's a bad sound when it's coming out of your trees...

  4. Great pictures Indie and it is so much fun making up captions!


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