Friday, April 13, 2012

The Mission Impossible Squirrels get a New Team Member

(For the introductory post on the Mission Impossible Squirrels, click here.)
(For the post in which the Squirrels decided they needed a new team member, click here.)

Mission Impossible: Squirrel Division

Location: Red House Garden
Mission: to reach the bird feeder with the best bird seed and procure as many seeds as possible 

Man, I hate having to pick through the leftover bird seed on the ground!
  I've tried and tried, but still can't seem to get past that baffle!

Well, at least it's better than acorns.  
And Headquarters is supposed to be sending that new team member any day now.  Maybe the new guy will have better luck!

Ethan Hawk, Squirrel Division, at your service!  Headquarters sent me to help finish the mission.  I hear you've been having problems?

Woah, Ethan Hawk?!
I've heard stories, rumors mostly... 

Is it true you got your name from escaping the clutches of a hawk by jumping onto its back and riding it to a sunflower seed farm on your very first mission??

That's classified, kid.  But I'm not saying no..
So what's this problem you guys have been having over at this Red House garden?

Squirrel baffle, deflector disk model. 

Ah, these ones are tricky.  But not impossible.  Give me a couple minutes to think about this.

Okay, got it.  I think what this baffle needs is a running leap.  Get a good running start, run up the pole, and then leap as high as you can, trusting that the bird feeder is somewhere up there.

But you'll be leaping blind!

Sometimes a squirrel's gotta do what a squirrel's gotta do.  No guts, no nuts!

Here I go.

Get a running start...

Here comes the leap..

Caught it!

Uh-oh, it's turning...

Holding on for the ride...

And pulling myself up!

And that, my friends, is a mission accomplished!

Here, I'll tip the feeder down for you so you can come and get some seeds.

Oh thanks, Mr. Hawk!  
Can you stay here at the Red House garden for awhile?
There are so many seeds!

Maybe for awhile - until duty calls and I'm needed for the next
Mission Impossible..


  1. I love these squirrel stories. Narration fits the photos perfectly. Great photos. There should be a picture of a squirrel when you look up 'determination' in the dictionary.

  2. Amazing and pesky little creatures, aren't they?

  3. Hilarious. They cannot be thwarted.

  4. HAHAHAHAHA!!! Absolutley brilliant...gonna put the word out about this...hilarious!

  5. Wow that's some determined squirrel action there! Very impressive!

  6. "No guts, no nuts" it! I'm impressed you managed to capture this whole sequence in photographs. What cheeky squirrels! I'm not even sure the 'spray cooking oil on the squirrel baffle' trick would work in this case. Mr. Hawk is too clever!

  7. Indie - your squirrels are the only ones in the whole world that I like. I really enjoy their antics as well as your photography and script! Now if their relatives could only refrain from eating tulips in my garden and bird seed in yours, perhaps, I could like them all :)

  8. What a wonderful post. Really made me smile. Well capture on camera by you as well :)


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