Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Squirrel Division: Bird Feeder Attempt #547

Mission Impossible:  Squirrel Division

Attempt #547

Please, please, please let me get up to the bird feeder this time!  I think I can, I think I can...

Oh man, this is slippery!  Don't turn on me, don't turn...

Well, at least we've been trained well on how to faaaall...

Aaargh, another failed attempt!  

Maybe it's finally time to give up?  Don't you think it's about time to contact the agency and report? 

Give up!  And abandon our mission?!  How could you ever think such a thing?  
We're supposed to be the Mission Impossible Squirrels!  
Besides, those seeds smell sooo sweet and delicious...

You're not going to cry again are you?

I might...  sigh..  
I hate eating the same old acorns day after day!

The other day I was so hungry for something else that I chewed into a plastic Easter egg that had been left out.   Mmmm.. I think the candy might have been made in one of those factories that also process peanuts..

Wow, I didn't realize things were getting that desperate!  We should really report.  Headquarters might have an idea of what to do.  We could see if there's any better climbers in the agency...

You really think they might have a better climber?  Well, if it means accomplishing our objective, I guess that might be our only option..  

Accomplish objective, my tail! You just want to eat some of those seeds!

Hey, can you blame me?

Let's focus on contacting headquarters and less on our stomachs.  We just have to set up a surveillance and wait for a time when Mrs. Red House leaves her computer out so we can make contact...

Hey, you're not sleeping on the job again are you?!  

Hmm?   Uh, wha.. what?  I'm awake, really..

Well, good, because Mrs. Red House left her computer out on the porch.  Now's our chance!  

What in the world are you doing?  Come on!

Uh, sorry, nervous grooming habit...

How in the world did you get into the agency?!

 My brother-in-law down in headquarters..

 Ah.. it all makes sense now..

Okay, I'm going up to the porch.  Here's the computer.  Keep a lookout for Mrs. Red House!  

Connecting with headquarters..

Send your best! This bird feeder over here at the Red House Garden is truly a mission impossible.
And boy, do we need another team member...


  1. Indie,
    Thanks for the entertainment tonight. One day they will find a way to get to those seeds.

  2. Boy they were bond and determined!

  3. What a good laugh! They are very persistent aren't they! They must be very entertaining to watch!

  4. Indie, you break me up! You should go into screen writing!!
    Yes, squirrels are definitely a challenge. They eat the bird food and my prize tulips :(
    Oh well, keep these hilarious posts coming. I really enjoy them.

  5. I am not sure how I managed to only have (knocking on every piece of wood nearby) **one** squirrels at my new house...but I have never seen more than the one..and he's not all that chubby. I only have one bird feeder, and it's completely open on both sides. He likes to take advantage of its disrepair, but the birds must take offense, and have some dive bomb/ protective tactics I'm not aware of.

    Best of luck with your squirrels, I enjoyed reading about their antics!

  6. I love this post. The birds in my garden are so sloppy eaters that the squirrels seem perfectly happy to stay on the ground and eat the seeds that have fallen.

  7. hehe, loved this post!! And love the photos :)

  8. I'm surprised! I thought squirrels could find a way to get into anything!

  9. The commentary and photos are hilarious! Squirrels are very clever and entertaining if annoying. Good on you for finding a bird feeder that foils them!

  10. That's too funny, so did they ever manage to break into the bird feeder?

    Do you leave your seeds out all year round?

    Jen @ Muddy Boot Dreams

  11. Thank you for the funny post! It is really fun to watch squirrel antiques...

  12. I'll probably keep the main two bird feeders up all year as the birds are still really enjoying those (and the squirrels enjoy all the seeds that fall from them!) I'll take down the suet feeder for the summer, though.

    You will have to wait for another post to see if the squirrels finally managed to succeed in their mission...

  13. Tee hee. This was fun! Those squirrels are extremely persistent aren't they?! We have the same kind of squirrel guard under our feeder, and though they try to conquer it they can't!

  14. They are so persistent and so comical. Love your photo story. Squirrels always beat our best attempts to thwart them too.


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