Tuesday, September 6, 2011

The Color Pink

Pink.  Being in a Red House, I like to be cautious with putting Pink in the garden.  I try to keep it a little further from the house, not right up front, not too bright.  However, with two little girls, one is rather forced to embrace Pink.  And really, there are many beautiful Pink plants.   Thus I have several areas (though not yet in the front!) where I have placed Pink.

On one side I have Bright Pink petunias blooming.  They were given to me as seeds from my girls.

Can you believe that all these blooms are from just three petunia plants?  This pic is from when I planted my little seedlings.  It's so satisfying to see go back and see what difference one summer makes!

If you look closely, there are also two little rose bushes there in the process of being smothered by all that Bright Pink.  They are Light Pink bourbon 'Souvenir de la Malmaison' roses.

Rosa 'Souvenir de la Malmaison'

I also decided to just go ahead and have one Mainly Pink Garden.  Sadly, it could also be known as Pink Plant Killing Hill.

Most of the plants in this rather sad picture were not there at the beginning of summer, as I have had to replace several fallen Pink plants.  The Killing Hill has killer drainage issues.  The garden is on a steep hill and sits on a vein of clay so thick that not even my trusty pickaxe helps very much.   I managed to dig a hole and let it fill up with rain to see how fast it drained there.  Several days later I finally shlepped out the water myself with a large cup.

Hibiscus moscheutos 'Luna Pink Swirl'
Rest in peace, 'Monet Moment' lobelia and 'Endless Summer' hydrangea.  Welcome 'Luna Pink Swirl' hibiscus and lots of annuals.  I have reworked this garden 3 times this summer, adding compost and moving plants that like it dry further up and plants that like it swampy further down the hill.

Salvia 'Eveline'
Two Pink plants survived the summer battle on Killing Hill.  My 'Eveline' salvia is reblooming now.  My 'Princess Bride' verbena apparently thrives in harsh conditions and never even stopped blooming this summer.  It's still going.. this is one Pink plant that I need more of!

Verbena 'Princess Bride' in front of pink pentas
One of my garden projects that I am working on is a Children's Garden for my girls.  I'm sure you can guess what color will be prominently featured!

I think I might be Pinked out after all of this...

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  1. Hi Indie, my first time here. I am intrigued by your name, but i really love that hibiscus. I wish there is a color like that here!

  2. I am tickled pink with 3 girls. Not my favorite color but I wouldn't go without some in my gardens.

  3. It will be nice to see your Children's Garden. So much creative potential in that theme.

  4. Pink has never been my favorite color, but I've come to love it in the gardens. It goes especially well with my favorite flower color of blue. I'd love to see your Children's Garden when you're done!

  5. Thanks for visiting, Andrea! Indie is an old nickname with a rather mundane history. It is short for Indigo Bunting, a beautifully blue type of bird.

    Pink is not my absolute favorite color, either, but it does look beautiful in the garden! The Children's Garden might take a little bit - there is at least one structure involved :) Will keep you posted, of course!


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