Wednesday, September 21, 2011

When Butterflies Distract

 I've got a project to do - a table to paint before the 2-year-old wakes up from her nap, so no distractions, okay?

But look at me!!
A Monarch!!  I've been waiting for one to visit the Red House Garden.  Welcome, welcome!
Okay, back to the painting..

But what about me?
 Okay, one more and that's it.  Now, butterflies, you have to go away.  I have to get this table painted...

But you have to come over here and notice me!
Don't forget about us little skippers!
And us swallowtails!
 Seriously?!  Now the little one has woken up and the clouds are rolling in.  The kids will now have to watch a video to keep them out of trouble while I hurry up and get this table painted before it rains.   
So no more butterflies!

Not even little old me?
Ooo, oo, take a picture of me!

Are we about done yet?  
Can I paint now?

Right before it starts to rain!
And believe it or not, there were even several more mischievous sulphurs and blues flitting around trying to distract me while I was trying to paint!
Do you think they knew?


  1. Isn't this the truth! I often get distracted and have to grab my camera! Glad you got the table painted. I am so happy we are getting some rain!!!

  2. Very cute posts. It's been a while but I remember those days. Glad you got the table painted.

  3. I am distracted by the butterflies that visit the garden as well. And I saw the first Monarch visit the garden yesterday...I was ecstatic!!! Your butterflies are lovely...and so is the table!

  4. That many butterflies in my gardens would be the main attraction... table you can wait. Seriously we get very few. That's why my Butterfly Dreams has been such a big deal to me. Love your post Indie! Great start to my morning.

  5. I agree - butterflies are very distracting! They flit about, acting as if they really can't fly well, skipping around from flower to flower, acting as if the plant can't hold them up well, then fly off the second you try to get them to stay still! Great shots - glad you got your table painted!

  6. Ah, so that's what it really takes to attract flutterbys. Guess I'll let my wife buy that yard sale table after all :)

  7. It's so great to have so many butterflies about!

  8. Too funny. You sound like me. I think I'm going to get a task done, but once I get the camera out I keep finding more things to photographs. And I do enjoy the butterflies. Glad to see the monarch - I haven't seen any in my garden this year.


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