Monday, September 5, 2011

Garden Fairy Real Estate

Would you like to live and play 
in the cozy Faire Folk city?
Maybe a house
with a flower-kissed top?
For a garden fairy,
it's quite fitting.

Or perhaps you like some solitude
We have just the thing for you.
A little hut
in a shady nook
Away from others' view.

There is also the Goblin Wilds
Where the mischievous sort live and play.
But just to warn you
if you misbehave there..

I will know where you stay.

linking to Mosaic Monday


  1. Are these mushrooms edible? I love mushroom. ^_^

    Eyeball Plant

  2. I'd like a wee cottage with a red and white polka-dot roof, or perhaps one with a lovely, wavy roof.

  3. The bottom ones look like sea urchins!

  4. Kim: I don't know much about types of mushrooms, so I would be scared to try to eat them!

    Pondside: The construction fairies will get right on that :)

    GardenofDaisies: They are definitely weird looking!!

  5. Your photos are beautiful! I really like how you slowly moved from color to gray...very nice. And we get the interesting.

  6. That's so funny, Indie! Hubby and I went on a mushroom photo-frenzy ourselves this weekend. We've had so much rain, the things are popping up everywhere! Some really pretty ones, too. Nice shots!

  7. Oh, fungi photos are always a fave! ;) Thanks so much for sharing your wonderful images at MM. :)

  8. I love the whimsical feeling you created here!

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