Saturday, September 3, 2011

Dear TSA, please don't pat down the moss..

On the way to NJ last week, Mr. Red House was patted down by the TSA.  Then he was led away to another room for another pat down by the supervisor, as something on the glove that he was first patted down with set off alarms.  The TSA were very nice about it (and kudos to our two little kids plaintively crying, "Daddy!  Daddy!" throughout most of it), and revealed that this was due to nitrates found on the glove as well as on the bottom of Mr. Red House's bag.

Nitrates.  As from fertilizers.  As from plants that I am constantly filling the car with during my plant shopping sprees.

So Mr. Red House blames me for the whole TSA debacle, and I must say, I can't really blame him.

Fast Forward:
After finding out how much I love moss, Radhika, whose house we stayed at, generously and rather gleefully took to her moss with an ice scraper and gave me some.  (I can't grow moss; she, apparently, can't get rid of it.)  I carefully packed the moss in damp paper towels and plastic bags and packed it in my suitcase for the trip home.

After the whole nitrate incident, I was rather worried that my suitcase would send off some sort of TSA alarm.  Images of TSA employees rifling through my delicate sheets of moss with puzzled looks on their faces kept popping into my head, compelling me to write notes for my moss, "FRAGILE: PLANTS!", for anyone who looked into my suitcase of contraband.

Thankfully my suitcase must have not triggered any alarms, as I don't think anyone even opened it.  My untroubled, valuable moss is now in its new home.

Isn't it a pretty addition to my NC shade garden? 

Here's hoping that after flying it down here, I don't kill it!


  1. If it was my kids I'm afraid they'd have screamed, lock him up, lock him up. Unfortunately they've inherited my sense of humor.

    As long as the conditions are similar the moss should be OK. I'd just make sure it's kept moist and in a bit more shade than where it was yoinked from.

  2. That is so funny...only a gardener could laugh! Your moss is lovely, and I am glad it made it to your home in good condition.

  3. Oh dear... could happen to any of us. The moss looks lovely. I envy anyone who has a moist enough garden for moss.

  4. Glad your moss survived it's plane ride and didn't send off any warning bells. :)

  5. Ha, ha, Wiseacre, thankfully my kids are too young to think of that yet :)
    I'm giving the moss a couple mist baths a day and it's in one of the shadiest parts of my yard, so hopefully it will have a fighting chance!

  6. So fast forward a couple of years, how is the moss doing now??

    1. It did great. I was pretty successful at surrounding my plants with moss in my shade garden using this moss and other unwanted moss. I moved away from my house and garden a few months ago, but the moss was still thriving as of that time!


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