Monday, October 31, 2011


Today has been a cold, rainy, dreary day, a fitting end to a dreary month.

October has been a long month.  I haven't been in the garden very much, as there has been a lot of sickness in the family lately.  Thankfully everyone is getting better, except for our four-year-old's beautiful red betta fish, aptly named Fishy, who lost the good fight today.  We buried him in the rain, the grave site marked with a rock.
You can imagine how that went.

Some rain is good, and to a certain extent I think, some struggles in life are good.  Much like a lot of rain makes us appreciate the sun, the hard days make us appreciate the blessings in our life.

The small beauties in life stand out much more against a background of ugliness, just like a small light looks so bright in a field of darkness.

Too much rain can be devastating, and I count my blessings that my family has made it through the torrents that we have experienced in our lives thus far.

After a torrent, we may have emerged a little worn and battered, but we are also hopefully a little stronger, a little wiser, a little more compassionate..

and a little more appreciative of the sun.


  1. Well the rain seems an apt soundtrack to Fishy's burial. I agree with you about the sun - so uplifting. Probably why I dislike the slide towards winter!

  2. Despite of the unpleasant weather you still managed to capture beautiful images.

  3. Poor Fishy. :( Will you get another one?
    You did get some lovely photos though!

  4. Pets are such a good way for the little ones to learn about life - and death. Gardens are such a good way for grown ups to learn patience, perserverance, and humility. In the end it's all blessings.

  5. So sorry about the fish. It's hard to remember the sunshine when it's raining.

  6. Sorry to hear about Fishy! And hope everyone feels better soon.

  7. We have a couple of fishes and a lizard buried in places of honor in my garden. And of course, the dogs. My woodland garden is actually a pet burial ground. I hope your family will remain well now, and may the upcoming holiday season be a blessing and not a burden to you!

  8. So sad to read about Fishy! Those are some difficult life lessons for our little ones! Glad to read that everyone is on the mend and feeling stronger! October was so busy for us too and haven't spent enough time in the garden. We better get out there before winter blows in!

  9. Sorry to hear about Fishy. It is heart breaking for those small ones. The seasons of our life. They do mold us.

  10. Thank you for all the kind comments! We're on another round of sickness and doctors, but hopefully we'll all be better soon. I count our blessings; we haven't had any 'torrents' this fall so far. Nobody's been in the hospital this season (knock on wood), and one small medical scare turned out to be a false alarm (yay!) It's been more like a 'drizzle' for the last few weeks.

    Thankfully our four year old is taking Fishy's death pretty well. I think after our other fish goes we'll stick with cats - I'm much better with them!

  11. The healthiest daffodils I've ever planted were planted atop Snowball, my youngest daughter's pet hampster. I had hoped the special effort at a simple memorial would help to lesson my daughter's sadness. Years later those daffodils are a reminder of how fleeting childhood is and how the beauty of a simple flower can brighten your day, however gloomy.


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