Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Part Sunshine, Part Repose

(1) to lay down or rest
(2) peace of mind, tranquility
(3) to lie dead

Many gardeners rarely repose (1) lie down or rest in their own garden, myself included.  Those sitting areas that we put in our gardens are usually for someone else to enjoy.

There is too much to squeeze into the time available for gardening, too much planting and interaction and exploring to do to sit and rest.

If I am sitting or lying down in the garden, it is most likely to get onto the same level as the nature around me.

Gardening does supply me with an enormous amount of repose, however.  
Repose (2) peace of mind, tranquility, is the essence of gardening for me.

When things are in chaos around me, I look out the window into the garden for a moment of tranquility.  There is something about the garden that puts my mind at rest.  

Working in the garden is usually part warm, sunshiny happiness, part cool, shady repose for my soul.

One exception to this, however, is when I find part of the garden in repose (3) lying dead, when it should not be.


  1. Beautiful images for repose in the garden. My favorite is of the captured the color and detail so perfectly!

  2. Great post. You captured the feelings of a gardener very well.

  3. Well, at least it is part of the garden lying dead in repose and not the gardener. Sometimes I am afraid my repose will be permanent.

  4. Lovely post! I too am usually busy in the garden but it is good to take repose every once in a while and view the garden from a different perspective. I even find watering the plants in the early morning or dusk very relaxing.

  5. Wonderful reflections on "repose." I totally agree, but we have to remind ourselves to take it easy sometimes. :)

  6. Well said. Absolutely true. How is it possible to repose in the garden? It's either the weed that's need to be taken care of or pruning required.

    Nice capture especially on the second photo. That's when you need to repose to get that shot. :)

  7. You have a different slant on repose too. I am amazed at how many ways there are to look at repose. You are right about those sitting spots for others, but they come in handy when you just need to kick back after a long hard day. Thanks for another point of view. Nice butterfly too.

  8. I agree with you. To escape the frantic, I go to the garden.

  9. So true.... I rarely sit and truly "rest" or "repose" in my garden. Weeding has become a compulsion! But I do find weeding so relaxing, so in that respect, our garden is really a haven, where I can get away from the hustle and bustle and stress of the day and find peace in gardening tasks.

  10. You are right there, we don't rest in our own garden, so maybe we should better visit one another's garden and rest there. Because we don't do or alter things in someone else's, haha. On the more serious side, i am amazed at the many examples of Repose each one of us entered. And your photos are beautiful too.

  11. I've enjoyed seeing everyone's take on 'repose'!

    I am a very active person, which is a good thing with two little kids! But gardening is almost like meditation a lot of times - I can really veg out and lose myself in it.

  12. Great reflection of "repose". I can never sit still long enough to rest. But the garden and nature will do that for me.

  13. Indie just catching up on some posts...I love the pictures you have chosen...peaceful pictures of nature in repose!!


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